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What a Week

I usually don't write about my week, but it was an eventful one. I didn't really get a chance to work but that's ok as I made about $5000 in a months time and I can take some time off as I was going hardcore listing stuff from not working for about 3 months. I was getting other mom's death and being depressed about being alone for the holidays.

Packed a lot of stuff to start the week, that took a bit of time. Then it snowed...a lot. Took an hour to snow blow (should have done it Sunday/Monday but I just didn't wanna), but then I got so tired from it that I done nothing but sat to rest it off. So out of shape.

Valentines day I was in positive spirits, no reason really as I'm "forever alone" but I was still positive! I mostly just rested and hung around online with my friends.

Wednesday was my birthday and for once it was a really good one. I was positive, people paid attention to me and nothing bad had happened. Jeremy sent me a Sailor Moon figure set with Fisheye in it and I got $30. He's so nice to me! Fishy called, Midoka done a stream for me and I was with Ben chatting for hours. I then went to Walmart as I wanted some reduced holiday chocolates. I often wander Walmart about 2 to 3 times a week late at night after checking the dumpsters around here. The pickings hasn't been as good as in 2015/2016 but last week I did find a $300+ new mattress pad in the trash. Anyway I often think about about the one day I found a dollar on the floor at Walmart. That was like 4 years ago and I look around for more money, never finding any. Well next to the huge bins of liquidated Valentine's plushies was $20! Happy birthday me! And I got some chocolates and one was a candy bar with a little kitten on the wrapper. Aww!

Thursday I sold one of my beloved Sound Organ disco lights which was a downer but I really haven't used them in for like 8 years and they had a ton of dust on them. They really needed to go. I had to take a best offer of $100 (it was at $130 something) but the guy used a Michigan zip code to buy it. So the shipping cost was $12 whatever. The guy then decided to switch the zipcode to TEXAS and of course that made the shipping three times expensive but ebay didn't change the cost for him. That sorta pissed me off but luckily I've learned to check Fedex to see what they can do. I ended up paying $14, which was ok enough. But still I hate being messed around on the shipping. It happened once before to me, but a VERY long time ago, so I forgot it was a thing...

So I went to Fedex which is such a bore because it's something like 8 miles away in the middle of nowhere, but I think it saved me $10 and I I like to follow up by going to Rome Salvation Army as I'm half way there already. I spent a bout an hour there looking around but the pickings were slim. I saw a few very interesting books. Older library discards of related topics. They could or could not be good. For 50 cents or less each I would have took a chance but not at $1 each. Salvation Army is really cheeky with their prices at times. I did get a sealed vintage puzzle for $1 (worth about $25, so perhaps I'll get $17.50) and a 2000 remake of Robostrucks or whatever toyline from the 80s. I never knew they remade them, but the box was damaged and opened but contents sealed. For $2 I'm pretty sure I could get at least $20 for it.

I then went to Gamestop, but nothing going on there aside from them moving stuff around in the store making it too hard to look at anything. I left pretty quickly but got hungry and went to Walmart. Looked around as they changed everything around. I think I was there a few days after mom died or something like that, so I was amazed. I remember them fixing that store up a few years ago. That's what I like about Walmart is that they don't usually make their stores look like crap. Got myself a 50% off pizza for $2.50 (cheap pizza really tastes too cheap sad to say).

I then went to K-Mart as I read that they are going out of business and had stuff 50% off. Everyone knew they would eventually they never fixed their store and it looked so awful inside. I hate shopping there as it was almost like the run down Salvation Army quality inside. Anyway I thought that I may go even though I had expected them to be cleaned out. Amazingly it was almost as if how they were in December. In fact, they are still getting new stuff in like Easter Candy and new clothing. That's rather insane to get new stuff and immediately mark it down to half off but whatever. It would explain the insanity of Kmart. They are not even advertising the liquidation sale. I've never seen that, usually these places has signs all over town.

I mostly went insane on the toys. There were a LOT of 2016 toys that I liked but was too cheap to get. I broke down and got these. Averaged out at about $4 or $5 a figure I think?

YEAAAAH! I totes love animal girls and superhero girls. <3 Honestly I would have a house full of Brats, Monster High and other figures but they take up tons of space. It's bad enough I buy ones from garage sales and have boxes and boxes of those. Someday I'll get off my ass and make a nice display for them all.

I think I have most of the MLP Equestria Girls Mini figures now. I avoided buying the repaints and sparkled up ones as I just don't care about doubles, I want them to have different outfits and expressions at least when I'm buying the same character over and over.

And I also got myself a pair of proper winter boots, a new shirt, some dish detergent and I cannot remember what else. I think I had spent $120 on toys but man was I so happy! Great late birthday gift to me!

OK, the thing is that I believe that I am never destined to be too happy as I'll be followed up with some really awful things to level me out. My life is pretty destined to be neutral with very few peaks of being happy or sad. I was hella happy and postive, so I knew that horrible stuff would happen...and it had.

It started off with a customer being a jerk. I spent about 7 hours fretting about his stupidity. I don't even want to think about it anymore so I won't get into that. Then around 8:30 at night I was getting ready for bed and I had my phone out in the dark hallway with the flashlight on to guide my path. Then the phone went berserk! The airplane mode button flashed a zillion times and wouldn't stop. Eventually the screen went dead but I couldn't get the light to go off. I finally got it going again but the SIM card didn't work. I tried everything but nothing worked. I know from experience that the best way to get things going is to take the battery out but the damned thing is glued tight and you cannot remove the battery. Stupidest thing ever with newer phones really. So I broke it trying to get it apart. I went out to get a new one but of course Walmart shuts their machines down at 9.

So I done a lot of searching. They recently lowered down their iphones (old stock) and it was $400 for an 6 plus. That's a pretty good price and I really couldn't do better online without taking a risk. And I needed a phone fast. I know no one calls me but I know my luck is where if I had no phone for a day that everyone would be trying to get a hold of me as someone died or whatever. So I went back home and spent about 5 hours looking it up and discussing it with Modoka. I went to sleep and bought one at around 10 AM.

Got home with it and started the awful process of learning a new phone and configuring it. The sim card worked perfectly. I fully expected it was fried and I wrecked my old phone by accident but nope. Anyway it was about 2.5 hours into the process and I was trying to get ITunes working and send images to my phone. Then my PC died. O_O;;;; WTF. I tried getting it going again and then the power pack sparked and I smelt smoke. T_T Dammit! I fried my PC!!!

I knew the PC was on it's legs. It was recently struggling and I heard dips in power. But I didn't think much about it. I never expected it to die like this as I've never had one that ever done that before. Then again I did buy some off brand one and it had stuff wrong with it day one. The cooling fan was trash and would rut rut rut. I tried to fix that but it wasn't even the right fan, the screws where wrong, etc. Over the years parts just started going bad. The audio port. The entire card reader slots. And it was hella loud. I'm starting to think I got took. I was a gamer PC but was hella slow for what little I was trying to do on it. I bought it because it was a Windows 7 and eight was out for about a year and everyone hated it so. I needed a new PC but didn't want 8 so I got what little I could pick from, from Walmart online.

Anyway, I was already tired from the phone BS, I went out to get a new PC. I hate asking people for help, but by then I was so shaky and tired that I didn't care about my shyness and just ask such stupid questions. I couldn't think right. I basically got a big PC, a HP "Envy". I have no real clue if it was good but it was $550, which is like mid-range. I mean for cheaper I would get stuff like 8GB memory and I know that's pathetic. I think this is 12 GB memory but that doesn't sound right, but I just didn't care. It was one TB too, which my old one was, so I figured it would be enough to put my old data onto it. But it seems these PCs don't really have ability to add extra drives and such. So I got a $50 hard drive reader. I probably got took big time, but I had to as all my data was on my two old drives. I really should have been using my 1 TB external that I bought last year but I never bothered to bring it upstairs. Too damned lazy.

And I got a new monitor for $100. I thought it came with with for $50 more but the sheets there was pimping some stupid Microsoft essentials program. Like WHHHY? Whatever. The one I thought I was getting was $179.99 and I was like nuu. He shown me an Acer one for $100 and good though, although it had such horrible color like someone messed with it and no one ever bothered to fix it.

So I spent who knows what? $1200 to $1400 dollars? T_T Whatever, I mean I had to do it eventually but I wasn't expecting it so soon and certainly not within hours of each other. And what such is that I have a dentist appointment for a cavity on Monday ($100) and car insurance soon ($300). All that extra money I made going out like water. Then again February is usually like that. I seem to get a lot of new expensive stuff around this time of year. A new water tank sometime ago. Repairmen on the furnace, car repairs, etc. Always something!

So I got home...I dunno 2 to 3 PM and I worked until 8AM fixing things. Seems I lost everything on the main drive which is horrible as I didn't back up in about 5 weeks. I lost a tons of personal images that I didn't properly put into storage folders as well as other things which I cannot recall. Luckily the backup internal survived and I had most of my accounting that mattered, MP3s (which I just fixed up a month ago), images that are older than 6 months ago or so. The really important stuff.

I hate new PC day because it takes forever to learn the new PC and make it like the OLD PC but with the new enhancements that I like. I'm still doing that now. The horrible thing is that I was so stressed that I couldn't remember most passwords and logins. They got so out of hand lately with 6 or so different passwords, dozens of IDs, etc. Worse was that I didn't remember how to get into my email account. So I called the company up and luckily I remembered one online email account I had and they were able to reset my password and tell me how to get my emails. And basically all night was doing that. Trying to remember which websites I like, trying to get back onto them and changing passwords. I'm mostly successful with the ones I love using the most.

One benefit is that I learned a new way to do accounting. Ebay has a download feature that has most of the details I need for tax time. Before they just haphazardly slop anything together. So that will help me a lot. Another benefit is that this PC is so QUIET! I don't remember one this quiet before. I guess tech and a good name helps these days. And the speed. O_O I was suffering with the last one. I tried several things but I think it was more to it than I had expected. I think it had really cheap parts and was a lemon but I just didn't know any better. So I'm still learning on this new one. Still have lots of things to do with it, but basically I recaptured everything I needed to continue my life and work with it. Just lots of little tinkering to do now, which will settle out in the weeks to months to come. But MAN am I tired. I slept maybe 8 to 10 hours in just two days and it's taking a toll on me.

So yeah. I'm taking today off as I feel pretty bad. I barely ate and I probably need food. Spent a ton of money and I guess it could have been worse. But I guess I could look at it that I went on a hell of a shopping spree for my birthday. Got a new phone, new PC, toys, clothing, etc. LOL I'm so cheap where I rarely do those things. Luckily I had the money to do so.

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