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Too Shady

Another annoying customer. I'm selling some bed sheets and this guy wants me to call him.

See prior comment about how I feel about people writing poorly when they want to conduct business. I know this is how people talk these days but whenever I read stuff like this I get the feeling I'm talking to some insane person not a respectful client.

On top of that it gives me the creeps when they expect for me to call them up. I am one of those people who will absolutely will not answer my door unless I know who it is beforehand and that I was expecting that person. The same goes with my phone. In fact, I will not call people who I do not know. It takes a lot of great effort for me to call businesses, doctors and even take out places. Being incredibly shy does that to a person. I know it's strange but that's how I roll.

I wasn't in the mood for any this. I was sick for two days and I am still a little ill today. I said something quick as honestly it really doesn't matter what I say to the guy, I knew it would turn out poorly. Lately I don't give people any of my normally respectful responses if they want something out of me as it just doesn't matter either way, people react rudely to whatever I say, so why bother giving them the polite time of day. Just say something quick and move on with my life.

And of course I got a trollish answer back. I knew that I would no matter what I wrote to the guy. People tend to react like children if they don't get their way.

I felt like writing this to the guy and that's how really I feel. I'll probably end up saying something super arrogant yet sneakily done as to not obviously insult him instead. A lot of big business form letters are written like this and it pisses me off because I know how to read between the lines to understand what they really mean.

I'll probably say something like "You are guaranteed a superb transaction with me because I am a power seller with almost 39,000 feedbacks to no negatives. I am fully trustworthy, honest and a wonderful business to deal with. To ensure a safe and respectful transaction, I do require all correspondences about the items to be written out properly though the eBay messaging system. Thanks!"

But yeah, why bother showing the guy this much respect as I have pretty good common sense. He is probably half drunk and wanting to troll me or is trying to pull some fast one over on me. Seriously, who expects a seller to call a stranger about an item late at night on a Saturday? It's my feeling that whatever you feel like asking can be said over ebay, so say it. It just reeks of some type of scam or troll and I want no part of it.

So to put it bluntly, "You sir, are too shady for ME and I do not trust you. Someone else will enjoy this item." LOL I don't really take these things seriously anymore, now days I laugh at them. I think some buyers people are just plain jerks and all you can do is laugh at them, move on to the next customer and forget that they even bothered you for a minute or two.

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