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The Record Show

Yep. Record show was exactly as expected. Same same same. I had spent about $15 or so?

Fresh - Omniverse

I saw tons and tons of stuff that I knew (and hated) but this one was totally new to me. I tired a sample of it on YouTube and it's great! Turns out the group was too funky for rock stations and too rock for funk stations, so no one listened to it. It's a shame as it's actually really good stuff to a prog persons ear. Not really prog but damned good rock which isn't boring nor dull. Sort of on the same level of Kayak, Tull or Kansas's '77 LPs (which I love), where it's an underrated gem that doesn't get as much love as it should due to '77 being a horrible year for this sort of thing. It was pretty much was worth the entire amount I had spent today, even though it only cost me a dollar. Too bad it'll never be on CD. This is the second of three albums of theirs. The first one is hard to get as it has a sexy wet chick on the cover which raises the value of it only for the pervertness of it. The last one is hard to get as no one ever bought the first two and the cover is just a random band shot that wouldn't interest a single soul. I do think I'll try getting those either way even though the samples I've heard on youtube isn't very much like this LP.

The Wonderland Band - Thrill Me (With Your Super Love)/Superman

I had expected Meco's Superman and I wasn't too far off. "Superman", the B side, was about 40% like that with a couple interesting takes on the John Williams classic. "Thrill Me" obviously was the real reason to get it. It's one of those more naughty erotic disco songs that suggests heavily sex. Not really about Superman, but a SUPER man in bed. Lots of double entendre and painful superhero puns. Pretty good for a dollar but it's like a zillion other disco songs which I already have played to death, so I'm more than a little tired of the sound. If I had got it like 20 years ago with the rest of my favs similar to this, I would have been ecstatic.

The Markett - Batman

Actually I found this first and then Superman and I knew I had to get both due to the theme. I have a few of these knock off Batman LP's which attempted to cash in on the TV Batman craze. I see this was actually by Warner Bros, so I think it could be an official release, but I'm not entirely sure if WB owned DC back then or not. Anyway, I checked and the lead track was a hit (topped out at #22 or so?), so much so that they made an album to go with it. So it's fairly common enough but it's my first time seeing it. I've seen the others a lot more often which I know were more unofficial than this one. Anyway, this one is actually more interesting than the others I own. I probably like it better too. It's like the instrumental surf rock scene which was popular around that time but has some interesting twists to it versus groups like the Ventures which seemed to just churn this stuff out every 3 months and are so repetitive. I think it was a steal for a dollar as other sellers would have started it off at $10.

The Electric Flag ?– Groovin' Is Easy

I accidently mistook this for another band. I didn't care for it at all. Luckily it's a rare LP and I should get $10 for my $1 purchase. I'm not a fan of blues rock very much and very few bands I consider very good. But I know Electric Flag is one of the more respected ones by the fans of that sound.

Return To Forever ?– Live

I love RTF's "Romantic Warrior" but their LPs are a bit hit or miss. It depends if they want to go Jazz Fusion or just bed time sleepy jazz. I don't really like mellow jazz at all. I have a good deal of this groups stuff but for some reason I've never seen this one before. Live albums are a little harder to get sometimes. It seems that they later released the full concert of this with 4 LPs which is the one to get. Either way, it's a big YAY for a dollar!

Erasure ?– Oh L'Amour

I love Erasure's early stuff to around the mid-90s. I have a lot of their singles including for "Oh L'Amour", but this one was new to me because it has a rare mix. I've never heard it before and I don't think it ever made it to CD. Certainly was worth a dollar! Mine is different than the image here, a white label version which probably was a promo or something.

Trio ?– Trio And Error

Another mistake only in that I already have this entirely on CD under a different name. I've never EVER seen this on LP and I remember always wanting Trio's LPs. It's a cool collectable as I love the album but I was hoping for a few new to me tracks as well from the band. Still worth a dollar!

The Klowns ?– Ringling Bros & Barnum & Bailey

This is SUPER obscure. I think it may be Canadian but who knows. There is no word about who the band is and there seems no love for the group. It even got bad ratings from those who bothered to rate it. It's not that bad really. One song on the first side I really enjoyed and the entire B side is rather good. It's typical late 60s, early 70s Bubblegum Rock but I don't think any of it was really strong enough to get any airplay as there were so many better ones out there to play. I thought perhaps I'd get something like "Hello People", which is another clown faced band, but this isn't anywhere as good as them. Worth a dollar but isn't really recommended versus anything else I've mentioned. Probably the weakest one outside of the Electric Flag, which is bad only because I dislike blues rock so much.

Aside from that, I got 4 CDs of "The Capitol Steps" which is one of those groups that thinks they are so cute and funny by going off on then current political figures to well known songs. It's actually OK stuff if I knew what they they were going on about. I know the names of 90s politicians but nothing about what they are all about so I'm like "Eh'heh" about their jokes. What annoys me is that they probably gave some drugs to the audience as they seem to pop for stuff that is barely even amusing let alone funny. Some of the women there were laughing at anything and everything like it was the funniest thing ever heard to mankind and I find that extremely annoying. Like shut up and let the rest of the people enjoy this without your overacting. I got them for a dollar each and I'll give them all a proper listen but I think I'll end up selling the lot for $15 on ebay if they all are live in concert stuff with idiots sounding off over every unfunny joke. I was sort of hoping for more general parody to popular songs (I've a few CDs like that) and less uninspired political cheese.

And I picked up two comics. "Beasts of Burden" issues 1 and 2. I bought 3 and 4 a while back and liked them, but never thought I would ever find the first two. HURRAY!

But yeah, I circled around and around (and AROUND AND AROUND) like always and looked though far too many boxes but the result has been like always. Very barren and a waste of time. What surprised me is that I saw a lot of people plunking down $10s and $20s on 80s stuff that I used to turn down for a dollar a pop not that long ago. It's a sign of why I'm never finding anything at garage sales as it seems all of it has value of approximately $10 an LP if it's a top level band. There was this one guy with boxes of interesting stuff but it all smelt of some sort of animal piss which made today extremely horrible as it was so hot and humid today too. It stunk up the show. Anyway, this one reseller woman was hoarding up just about everything from the 80s from that guy. She was snatching up anything with even the most minimal of value for her shop and all that was left in her wake was complete crap that I typically find at the thrift stores. This is why I'm not finding anything at the thrift stores as she's surely no tthe only one doing this. You get esellers buying this stuff and trying to flip for $3 to $10 or whatever they do which is sort pathetic but in this area everyone is hungry for a cheap buck. I guess the hobby has changed a lot...what killed me is that there was this young girl with her male friends and she was having them buy freaking Christopher Cross LPs for her and she was so happy about it. Amazing!!! So I guess 80s stuff really is "in" as I'm rarely finding any of it lately. I remember swimming though tons of it like it was yesterday and no one was interested at all. Oh well! And that's just the common crap. The obscure crap that I like and used to get for $1 a pop is going for collectors prices too and those are totally hard to get now. So that pretty much gets me depressed at these shows as you're left with the worse of the worse unless you are willing to pay $20 a pop for stuff you can get on CD for a dollar. I want it to be like the early 90s again where I could get tons of stuff for next to nothing and no one cared about these groups aside from myself. I'm really hoping this is a regional thing and they are far easier to get elsewhere. I'd think these LP collectors would be dieing off and leaving their junk to estate sales, but it doesn't seem to happen like that. The stuff people who die and are leaving behind those awful 50s crooner stuff that no one really wants.

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