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Sometimes Being a Jerk Bites You Back!

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Got another neg and of course this one is batty too.

The guy bought a Pokemon game and said it didn't work...but he waited 5 weeks to neg me? What's up with that? And he never tried to get his money back with a charge back, contacting me or whatever? Smells fishy to me!

So get this. He buys the SAME game (this time sealed new) and the guy canceled the order and relisted it. LOL No doubt he saw the neg that he left me over the SAME item and didn't want any part of that. BRILLIANT! Serves you right, jerk!

The moral here is don't be a jerk as there are still some sellers out there that monitor buyers feedback leaving patterns. They want to determine if you are safe enough to sell to.

The same works for a seller. You cannot be mouthing off and acting pissed off as it means loosing potential customers. You have to say something reassuring that the customer will like, which I had done as seen down below.

Anyway second bad feedback he left for someone else is really interesting! It's for a bad seller who definitely deserved a bad feedback. He won a cheap auction for a book but the seller decided that he didn't like the prices which he got for his books, so he had canceled and relisted them at a much higher starting bid. $14.99 vs. .99 cents.

That took some amazing balls! So far he got at least 3 bad feedbacks for doing this and I expect he'll get more. I wouldn't doubt he'll loose this account for doing that as ebay is set up to punish sellers like him. I doubt he cares though. It was probably some 14 year old kid that has no clue how to conduct business.

Anyway, this is something that ALL new sellers discover about selling on ebay, that you never EVER list anything on auction at a cheap price as you WILL loose money. Most people price stuff low (mostly because ebay advertises that you should) but what happens is that something that you should easily sell for $15 (buy it now) will go for $5 (auction). A ten dollar loss!

Smart sellers (like myself - BRAG BRAG) always prices high but they will then relist the item with the price just a bit lower from the last time. And they keep repeating this process. It'll eventually sell for the right price that way, even if it takes months to do so. You never use auctions unless you don't know the price of the item, and even then you should price it high just to be safe. If you must use auctions, set at a price close to what the market will bear for it. Never be cute and price things for a penny or a 99 cents like this guy as you will get burned! I learned this lesson pretty quickly. It seems wrong and a little dishonest, but you need to remember, are you in it for morals or profit?

And the last neg on the list is mine, do you see how nicely I had said to return the item? I was wavering over contacting the guy directly and discussing matters, but I've learned to let sleeping dogs lie and decided to go that route here. I wonder if he had even read my message?

It's almost never a good idea to contact idiots as they almost always prove to be insane and unable to be reasoned with. It's better to ignore them and move on to please other customers. I'm pretty sure that I've ranted about this philosophy before a number of times on my blog. I honestly don't like it but it's just better in so many ways. I'm the type that dislikes trolls and I think most crazy people have a high degree of troll blood inside of them. They live to spread evil and cause others grief.

Anyway, this customer is insane. Like, if it didn't work, why not file a claim to return it to get your money back? Why not bother to contact me about it? Why take 5 weeks to get around to doing this? I mean I'm a very decent seller and easy to work with. Just leaving someone a neg without talking to them first is just low. I can see it for both of these persons who had relisted the items, but not over something damaged to see if the seller will do something about it. Whatever, the way it is now, is that I'm keeping the money, like thank you batty customer!

Anyway (I do love saying that word) I love to see Karma at work. I'm sure that if he had never neg'ed me, then the other guy would have had no reason to not send him the game. So yeah, think twice before doing something mean. I cannot remember the last time I neg'ed a seller because I know karma will bite me for it. Most people feel that it's better to just don't leave any feedback at all if you're unhappy.

He bought a sealed new version of the game for $99.75. Yeah, I'd be worried too and probably would take a neg than to deal with this jerk's tomfoolery.

This is the listing which he bought.

The relist, not sure if it went unsold or not. O_o;

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