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Soda Taste Test!

Today I went into Runnings for the first time. It was rather interesting but I ended up being amazed by a wall of random obscure sodas! I couldn't resist as I love trying to flavor experiences. The prices was rather fair too, $1.79 or $8 for a 6 pack. Stores around here charge more than that for a normal Diet Coke 16 oz bottle out of a cooler. So I bought two 6 packs worth and I plan to test each one (probably one a day or so) and say what I felt about them here.

The first one I picked out (totally randomly) was Flathead Lake Gourmet Soda's Huckleberry. It was very tasty! It's a hard to explain flavor. Sorta grape, sorta blueberry. Has a good foam. Pretty strong, which I very much like. Has a little sharp kick and a slight burning sweet aftertaste. Diet Coke's Zesty Blood Orange has a similar effect but tastes way different. Actually this would be really good with a little alcohol! Approved! I'd certainly buy this one again.

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