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Record Show Time Again

It's record show day yet again. I honestly didn't want to go, so I ended up waking up 20 minutes before the thing started. I showered and got there about 25 minutes after it opened and wouldn't you know it, it was actually good this time. The first time in like, I dunno...EVER?! LOL!

A lot of new dealers with discounted LPs. It was a bit picked over, but not entirely so to the point where I couldn't find anything. So I ended up with approximately 60 LPs/CDs. So let's snap into them! No pics today, it's way too much work for all those and I'm half exhausted. I stayed there until 30 mins before closing which I've never done before, but there was just so much stuff to go though!

Yello - Flag = $2 on CD. Appears to be a West Germany import. It would explain why I've not seen it on CD. I think this is one of the bleh ones (or I could be this getting confused with same year Art of Noise for being bad), but it's certainly worth $2 though.

The Overlords - Organic? and All the Naked People = $1 on CD. I've never heard of this group but I tested a couple Youtubes and it's great electronic music. A great find!

The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert = $1 on CD. Basically gay anthems, some are remixes I am not familiar with, so it was worth a shot! I figure these days 1 good song is worth at least $1 to me, and I saw a few interesting ones here which made it a steal!

Nitzer Ebb - "Lightning Man/Getting Closer/Fun to be Had" Maxi-Single - $2 on CD. I tested before buying and it was really good, but very dance pop. I swore that Nitzer Ebb was more hardcore electronic than that.

Altern 8 - The Vertigo E.P. - $2 on CD. See Nitzer Ebb above. Basically the same thing. Good stuff! I like the early 90s "industrial" stuff like this.

Art of Noise - The Ambient Collection - $2 on CD. Something happened to my prior copy of this but I cannot recall what. I don't remember this being remarkable but I do remember needing it.

Tower of Power - Pump City - $2.50 on CD. Their second release. Not sure if I'll like it, but I've been meaning to try some really early TOP and it's worth $2.50 to try. It's one of those LPs which you really cannot find in it's entirety on Youtube.

Hot Tuna - Burgers and The Phosphorescent Rat = $2 and $2.50 on CD. The first two LPs from Hot Tuna. I was listening to TPR in the car and it was amazingly good! I'm wondering why these were so cheap. I keep getting this band confused with Good Rats, which is not as good.

Graham Nash - Songs for Beginners - $2.50 on CD. Good stuff, but I was buying nervously due to all these new sellers with cheap stuff and I couldn't concentrate. I thought it was a Graham Parker LP which I didn't have. OOPS! Luckily it doesn't suck! Actually I seem to like a lot of CS&N's solo albums more than the band's output.

William Orbit - Strange Cargo - $2.50 on CD. A very tough cd to get. Every time I see one, it's one of the others in the series in trashed condition. I don't know why people destroy their William Orbits. I wasn't sure if I already had this one, but I remember wanting it for over 20 years now. I'm thinking this was the sucky one that I sold ages ago when I was hoping to get his first release which is impossible to get on CD. OOPS!

Billy Bragg - The Internationale - $2.50 on CD. I wasn't sure if this was good or not. Looks like it's not very good. LOL It's a British folk protest CD. Oh well! I'll give it a better listen, but I think it'll go in a pile to sell off cheap. I think it's one of the few bad mistakes I've made.

Gryphon - Gryphon / Midnight Mushrumps - $2.50 on CD. Basically I bought a few extra CDs without trying them like the Billy Bragg one because of this CD. It's one of my favs and I have them on two solo CDs. It's nice to have them on one CD and I am hoping the mastering is better as I remember them being very hissy. I've played these cds like a 100 times at least.

Kid Creole & the Coconuts - Live - $2.50 on CD. I've bought lots of CK&tC over the years and one day I'll give them a good listen.

The Chieftains - 4 - $2.50 on CD. I've seen The Chieftains on vinyl tons of times, but never their older stuff on CD. It's good Irish flute toot toot music but they put out a ton of albums and most of it just sounds alike. I think I have a lot of vinyl but this is my first CD.

Ram Jam - Ram Jam & Portrait of the Artist as a Young Ram - $2.50 each on LP - I don't think I've ever seen these two before. Certainly not their second LP. Unsure if I'll like them but I do know I love their hit. They play it every few days on the radio station my dial is literally stuck on (I can only turn it to two stations and the other is a crap modern Christian pop station).

Jojo Gunne - S/T, So Where's the Show & Jumpin' The Gunne - $2 each on LP for two, $1 on the third. Mentioned a year or so ago that I'm into Joe Ferguson and Jojo. Slowly getting all their releases. I'll have to make a list as I cannot remember which ones I have/need now. I think they made a zillion LPs as I keep finding them.

Pajama Slave Dancers - Cheap is Real & Pajama Beach Dancers - $2 each on LP. Very very obscure punk. I'm surprised I got them and for so cheap. You cannot find much of them on ebay, so I think it's a very regional thing and I'm on the edge of that region where you'd find them. They sound a lot like The Ramones to me. One of them is a clear vinyl, which is amusing. I should sell these but I rather like them.

John Abercrombie - Timeless & Characters - $2 each on LP. One of them has Jan Hammer. Found out it's not Jan with a J but Yan with a Y. Much like how some countries say Yump instead of Jump. Never knew that before. Either way, electronic doodling music. Not 100% sold on them being good, I need to give it a good listen someday.

Chilliwack - Breakdown in Paradise - $2 on LP. Seems to be a USA version, I thought it was a Canada import as it's easier to find them in Canada than here. I've been trying for years to collect all of Chilliwack but it's tough as no one else seems to really like them here. I think there were just too many other bands like them at the time for them to get really noticed or they never toured the USA or something. Basically AOR/Prog/whatever. Like how the very similar Head East does whatever they feel like doing.

Magnum - Kingdom of Madness - $2 on LP. WOW O_O I dunno who they are, the cover looked nice so I tried them on Youtube. O_O WOOOOOW. Dodododo synths, prog, etc. Soooo GOOOD. Looks like it's similar to "good" Styx, has a Hawkwind member, etc. Yeah, I think this is probably my top winner today! And crap, they released 19 LPs with fantasy prog artwork covers?!? I gotta check them out fully! How in the hell did I miss this band in my life!? LOL

Flying Colours - Matchbox - $2 on LP. Only two songs on Youtube, so I'm wasn't too sure about it. Sounds like Southern Rock but more...well cheesy, which I do like. I think they call this type of music "Rockabilly"? It's probably the type of 70s country that I liked as a little kid which had a couple crossover hits and played with normal pop rock here. Juice Newton's Play with the Queen of Hearts and whoever done that devil and the fiddle song comes to mind.

Devin Kidd - Changeling - $1 on LP. Sealed new. Seems to be obscure regional thing. I had a VERY hard time trying to find any tracks on Youtube. I found his stuff on Soundcloud believe it or not, including this LP. Half of the songs are good but needed some professional work. Either way, a good $1 pick up!

Tret Fure - Terminal Hold - $1 on LP. The person on cover looked like a guy, but it's a woman. Heard one song on Youtube (Terminal Hold) and it was soooo 80s cheesy and bad that I had to buy this. LOL Looks like "Cris Williamson" is recommended if you like her and I do know her and I'm fond of one of her albums. Basically 70s/80s lesbian folk stuff. I'm cool with that.

Graham Nash - Wild Tales - $1 on LP. May as well get his other album, right? I got this a couple hours after the first one.

The Bolshoi - Friends - $1 on LP. Tired the first song on Youtube and it was very Duran Duran, so I bought it. I saw it was an IRS album release, so I'm pretty sure I've heard them from some promo release CD. IRS loved to do a lot of those to promote their bands and I've got to know a ton of obscure ones that way.

Bighorn - S/T - $2 on LP. Again, tried the first track on Youtube and it was killer AOR. Worth a chance! 1978, Styx sounding it seems but a little more grandiose. Basically what I like!

Jim Capaldi - Electric Nights - $2 on LP. More late 70s goodness. Turns out he's from Traffic, but I don't remember Traffic sounding like this. But I do like Traffic too! I think 50% of these obscure LPs with a guy on the cover are really solo stuff from way better known bands but not known well enough to know who the hell is like the lead singer. Like does anyone know the name of the lead singer to the band Saga? I don't!

The Care Bears Movie - $2 on LP. Like new shape, there is a reason to have this but I forgot what. I'll probably sell it if I cannot find out why I needed to buy it. LOL

Michael Quarto - Bottom Line - $2.50 on LP. VERY VERY VERY VERY (insert a zillion very's) rare. OK. I love Michael Quarto...his first four LPs that is. They are rare enough but I see them from time to time in discount bins. Then comes his next 3 LPs. He basically gave up prog by this time and went fully into soul or whatever it is. They are not really that good (aside from maybe 1 song), so these records are amazingly hard to find. This one is the last of the 7 main releases not counting the 1995 amazingly cheesy release "Vision" about Whales and other new age crap set to amazingly awful cheesy new wave hip hop funk and whale bleets. It's so awful and was even out of date in 1995 that your ears will bleed. And then you have whatever obscure releases after that which no one gives to two shits about to even write about after them. So I'm very happy to have this one for collecting sake, even though I know it's crap. It leaves the 6th one as the only one I need (I'm pretty sure I have the 5th one somewhere) but I'm not going to pay $15 something to get it either. You really cannot find any of these anywhere on MP3 either no one cares about them to make any.

Grace Slick - Software - $2.50 on LP. A lot like Michael Quarto above but divided by 2. This is the terrible obscure last album that no one likes but you cannot find anywhere because no one bought one. But Grace was smart enough to stop at three solo LPs. I love her first LP as it's borderline prog but the next two was her trying to get in on the new wave sound and it sounds like crap (even though her second one sold quite a few copies for whatever reason). Oddly Peter Wolf worked on this and the next in line Jefferson Starship album "Nuclear Furniture," so perhaps I'll like this better with a new listen but I think I like Nuclear Furniture because it still has some of Paul Kantner's proggy influence in it while Software was just bad budget new wave.

Lime - Lime II - $1 on LP. I think I mentioned before about how much I love Lime. Great Canada disco which was a thing in the 80s. Honestly I cannot tell it apart from Italio disco, but there is a difference. I think this was my first Lime on CD. I don't have many of the actual LPs for whatever reason. Just a ton of 12" remixes which seemed to be super popular.

Mama Cass - Dream a Little Dream - $1 on LP. I do like her stuff. From the Mama's and Papa's. I may have this one, or not. Looking at her LPs, I'm unsure which ones I actually own of hers. I think I have a greatest of CD of hers most likely.

Bruce Springsteen - Born in the USA 12" - $1 on LP. I don't really like Bruce, he's terribly overrated and not very good. But I do like BitUSA. This is a "Freedom Mix" and I'm very curious to how they'd remix one of his songs as I wasn't aware that they had done that much to him. Oddly it's a UK import. Yeah, I wonder how popular in the UK that song was?! Actually this was promoted for the "I'm on Fire" single which I don't know was a song of his! I've not heard it in years.

Dance to Themes from E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 45 = $1. OK...I was not sure if I have this. I had an ET cassette that got damaged on me and I forgot all about it. This happened over 25 years ago when I was still in college! I loved that thing. I think this song COULD be from that? Either way, it's a reminder that I should try to find it on CD if it exists. The back side has a crappy thing that I've never heard of before which I think was probably off of some jazz LP of Walter Murphy's a few years prior. Walter Murphy's stuff varies greatly from disco, jazz, prog and I've made the mistake of blindly buying his stuff before to know not to do it again.

ELO - Sweet Talking Woman 45 = $1. I have lots of ELO stuff. This is a purple vinyl 45, so I had to have it. I see it's scratched to shit but it's more of a decoration than for using. One of my fav bands in one of my fav colors was hard to resist. I normally don't buy 45s unless there is a very special reason like an obscure song (the ET one) or like this one.

Huey Lewis and the News - The Power of Love Remix = $1 on 12"er. I may have this one already. Not going to worry for $1 as it's an extended and instrumental on it and it's a great song. Back to the Future is one of my fav of fav films. Seen it many times!

Crack the Sky - Safety in Numbers = $1. on LP. Also I may have this one. Not going to worry for $1. It's in like new shape and I'm pretty sure if I have one, it's in a lot worse shape than this. Basically an upgrade! Good Prog from Baltimore area. I don't think it's well known though outside of the area.

The Romantics - Talking in your Sleep Remix = $1 on 12"er. Has a short instrumental version, which I'm pretty sure I've never heard before so I couldn't resist. Listening to it now and they have a vocoder doing a few lines in the song. SWEEEEEET! It would have been awesome to have the entire song like this! For some reason, I don't exactly like the Romantics other than a few of their hits. A lot of their stuff is more crap like than good.

Elton John - Ego - White Label Promo = $1 on 12"er. Someone bought one for $25 on ebay and that's where it's going. Didn't buy it for any other reason. Basically to offset all the spending I done today. LOL Actually I could have bought a lot to flip like a lot of other people were doing, but I just wasn't in the mood for that crap. I was having a hard enough time doing what I could for my own collecting as it's not really easy for me to focus and think about what I'm looking at with awful music blasting in my ears. Anyway, I'm listening to the song on Youtube and I don't know it. Then again, I'm not really an EJ fan. I have a couple of the more proggy LPs like Yellow Brick Road but his voice and singing style is just too exaggerated and annoying like Phil Collins to really enjoy the music.

"War of the Worlds" (Justin Hayward) - "Forever Autumn" - White Label Promo = $1 on 12"er. Yeah, the last time I got a WotW remix cover on a CD for a dollar. Now this. LOL! Oddly, I have quite a few WotW oddball items like this. I may sell it as I'm 99% sure the mix on it is the same one I have a few times elsewhere. I see one sold for $13. I'm thinking I probably should have bought more at that one booth, but this was towards the end of the day and my concentration was more about getting myself home than caring about making a profit on anything.

Three Jefferson Starship White Label Promo Singles. $1 each. I may end up selling these as well. I love Jefferson anything, but I bought these JUST in case they were special tracks not on the LPs. I do see that one has a long and short version of "Save your Love" from "Modern Times." I cannot remember if I have that LP or not. I know I'm down to something like 5 or so LPs (out of like 25) that I need from the entire band and their solo stuff. I'm not so much into collecting white label promos to bands.

Blackfoot - Marauder = $1. on LP. Slowly getting all of Blackfoot. Good stuff. I got Siogo last time and something else before that. I need to make a list as I am not 100% certain which ones I need.

Romeo Void - Instincts = $1. on LP. Hard one to find. Good new wave but I've never been able to find their LPs. I'm betting it's one that normally gets priced at $10 and put in with all the other new wave stuff at record shows which is why I've never been able to get one as I never check those expensive sections for anything.

Deuter - Cicada = $2. on LP. One of those artists that I've never ever seen cheap (see Romeo Void). Pretty happy to get this and a few other similar rare ones at the same place for $2 each. It's like someone didn't bother to go though his "jazz" section as the rest of his stuff was obviously horribly picked over. Anyway, this is one of the more New Age-like ones of his, but not bad at all. Some "new age" is really decent Brian Eno-like synth-albums and you really have to know your stuff to find the good ones.

Herbie Hancock - Future Shock = $2. on LP. A bit happy about this one! I discovered his trio of "Rockit" experimental electronic music from him sometime last year. This is the first one from it. I swear I have this on CD or something. Such a bad memory, but $2 isn't a bad deal so who cares if it's a double.

Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer - Like Children = $2. on LP. Mega rare. Anything 70s Jan (Yan not Jan) Hammer is like that. I see that it's not worth much, but still glad to have it!

Jan Hammer Group - Melodies = $2. on LP. Mega rare. See the one above. I may have this one or not. People hoard this stuff and put crazy prices on them. Seems to be worth double the price than the one with Goodman.

Jan Akkerman - Tabernakel = $1. on LP. Again, I may have this one or not. For $1 I didn't care much. There was a lot of nice ones at the $1 bin but half of what I wanted was in poor shape. I basically put back a lot of interesting ones because I was getting in a foul mood by seeing stuff that should have been tossed out instead of put into a dollar bin. Anyway, Jan (probably Yan again) is from Focus and this one is probably proggy to some extent. Focus is a band where some I like, some I don't.

Creation - Creation = $1. on LP. For some reason I remember this being very very good. Hmm. I cannot really find anything about it. I think I've seen it before and was interested in it. For $1 it's good. Very light Funk/Jazz/Rock. It could be related to another band I was really excited about a while back that also had a similar sound.

So it seems like $88 spent, which isn't bad at all. I can probably sell the promos for $50 or so, which makes it $38 spent or so, which makes it even better! Care Bears, probably $10. Probably more than break even once I decide to part with all of them.

Anyway, I had a great time for once and I didn't leave sour or pissy. Just tired and mostly satisfied. LOL It's a good feeling for once.

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