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Still loving my Zebra ZP 450

Updated: Dec 11, 2018


Just a quick post as today I was reminded at how much I LOVE my Zebra ZP 450. I had talked about it in great detail here:

My ZP 450 Review

It's been about two and a half years later and I find it probably the most important machine for my business aside from my camera and PC. Why I went years without one is beyond me, but basically there is NO ink to worry about and it never runs dry. It's all thermal and I just put a new roll into the machine every 250 or so orders. A couple times lately it's starting to behave funny, so it may be time to get a replacement but it's well worth it either way! I just printed close to 20 labels just now on this without any hassle. My old printer would have been annoying and I am sure I would have messed around with it trying to get them to print correctly.

Anyway today was a little annoying. Another expensive package went "missing" although the tracking shows delivered. The last time that had happed was on this sweet pair of mod lamps from the 60s or 70s valued at around $60. Luckily the way ebay works is that if it shows delivery to the town the customer is in, then it's considered as delivered. So anyone can take the package off of the porch and I'm protected against a loss. Technically it becomes the customers worry and it's covered under their renters or home insurance policy, but considering most of those has a $500 deductible, then it's a loss for the customer.

It really saddens me as this time it was a Wii bundle for $200. I had this one for almost 2 years and it came included with a Wii U that I bought off of ebay which had a ton of trouble. So it seems this thing was jinxed from the start to finish. What happened is that I won a Nintendo lot on ebay for a super reasonable price. About $270 or so, which was a Wii and a Wii U, ton's of Toys to Life characters and games. I kept half of what I was sent but the rest sat in a box out in the hall for a year and a half. I never got around to processing them.

The trouble with the Wii U was many. The person had it with free shipping and she was in California, which ended up costing her $100 or so, at least. I think she fudged up the printed shipping and paid TWICE for shipping? She was extremely confused about it. So whatever, her worry not mine, even though I did point this out to her. So I got it but it didn't have the Wii U tablet thing, which is necessary to play the Wii U. So it took about two weeks but she sent it slow mail but it was still super expensive as she used one of those box shipping stores to pack and send it. It took a few days for her to even find it because it turns out that her kid took it and hid it under his desk for whatever reason. So when I finally got it, the damned thing had a damaged screen. I think it was dropped and banged around in the box as it was packed so shitty. A black ring formed around the screen. Whatever I thought, she lost a ton already on the deal and I didn't want to make things worse on her as I got such a good deal on everything. Karma and all that, it would have been cheaper for her to toss it to the curb than to sell it to me and I already felt like I was ripping her off so badly. T_T;;;; I finally got around to replacing the screen about two weeks ago and that cost me about $24 or so. The new screen is sorta meh, but at least there is no ring around it.

Anyway it ended up being a huge experience and one of the reasons why I never wanted to mess around with the Wii stuff as I didn't want to relive the memories. Now I have extra painful memories as I added extra memories (stuff) to this box. My mistakes like a Wii hat that I bought years and years ago which I thought would be this awesome seller but turned out to be a dumb purchase that no one wanted. And I had added extra cases which I had laying around for years as a surprise and a Pokemon bag.

OH WELL! I had added probably 20 or so games to the collection which I dug out of the Gamestop trash over the years. Many of those I had to spin in my disc cleaner as they were scuffed to hell. And I had included several mistake buys (like a $5 surgery game that I bought a double of) and a few games which I got super cheap last year from the garage sales which I sorta wanted but decided to part with as I just don't have the time to mess around with games I sorta want these days. It was a lot of extra value I put into this lot and all "stolen".

It sort of reminds me of a musical keyboard that got stolen last year. It was though the Global Shipping Program and to Russia. Russia is hella bad for stolen packages and sure enough this one went missing like the several others I had sent over there. It's why I block Russia as it cannot be trusted but I cannot block countries with the Global Shipping Program. What was bad about this is that I found the little machine all ratty and dirty and I spent well over an hour cleaning it up and making it so pretty. Revived back to life!

So basically what I'm saying is that I really do not like it when stuff I put a lot of "love" into it goes missing. But thankfully ebay has me covered and it's super rare for anything to go missing within the USA. Sure things get stolen but that becomes the customers worry and not mine when it's on their property. T_T; I know it sucks. It's why everyone should have a PO Box really. I think that will be the future of the post office, they'll have everyone go there to get their packages rather than home delivery. I heard that Canada has local boxes in many areas that does the same essential thing rather than home delivery, but the residents hates it so much that they are going to stop that policy. LOL!

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