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Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Something sellers may not know is that it's cheaper to use FedEx for packages over 3 pounds. I found this out only fairly recently compared to how long I've been selling. It seems that USPS doesn't really ship certain packages across the USA any longer, they use FedEx. Actually it's more complicated than that, but you get the general idea. So essentially you are paying for the post office to hand it off to FedEx and paying a lot more to do this.

Today for example, I have a 4 pound package going to Arizona from New York. USPS price was something like $17 after my sellers discount. FedEx price something like $11 dollars after my sellers discount. It's essentially the same service but for $6 less.

I've heard rumors that it can be trouble but so far in about 30 sent packages I've not had trouble. I think the huge discount is on the insurance coverage as you get almost none with the cheapest FedEx service. I have read that it's impossible to get a refund is something is damaged and there is no way to add more coverage. So I don't use it for stuff that is fragile and expensive. It's good for those really cheap $30 items which is heavy but won't break.

Before I didn't really like using FedEx before as their office is about 12 miles round trip out in the middle of no where. Sometimes I had to go out in terrible winter storms to do this and it was a such pain. Sometimes I just paid the extra to drop it off at the post office which is only about 20 houses away. Sadly you cannot get them to pick it up at your home.

Luckily a few months ago they made it where Walgreen accepts these packages. That's a lot better for me as Walgreen is about 2 miles away in the direction of a lot of places I go to. Of course I get store employees that rather not be bothered by these packages but whatever. I think I'm one of the first to take advantage of this service there as well. As soon more sellers discover this, they'll get hit heavy with people looking to save a buck as it's what we sellers do. It's not very well advertised though, it's almost a well kept secret!

Anyway, it does help sell my more heavier items as the savings really goes to my customer, not to me. They pay less for shipping. Of course people to this day will still try to cop free shipping from me, especially on the heavy items. They won't believe something 5 pounds costs $30 bucks to ship across the USA but it does. We sellers have to use every trick in the book to get junk out cheaper but still sometimes you get someone who will try to take advantage of you like that.

The trouble is that you get a lot of rookie sellers that will list heavy stuff cheap with free shipping and they get taken to the cleaners because they don't realize these pricing horrors. I myself just bought something fairly heavy (about 4 or 5 pounds) for $100 buy it now with free shipping. They were in Florida and I know that they paid at least $30 to do so. That same box would have been about $10 a couple states away. It's why I never ever do free shipping as $20 is $20 less in my pocket! Anyway what happens is that you get customers expecting all sellers to do free shipping on everything AND still sell items dirt cheap.

That reminds me of a buyer I had yesterday. Wanted vintage 80s striped socks (they are very pricey these days) but he was trying everything to get them so cheap so he could flip a second set so he wouldn't pay anything for his little adventure. I'm like WTF dude. I'm not running charity and I don't do wholesale. I can easily sell two packs for $50 each and you want 2 for $35 dollars? The nerve of some people. I mean sure if I was doing a flea market I can understand doing deals like that but I had to go to at least a 1000 garage sales this year to get my inventory and you think I'll just give my stuff away? Sorry but no, I work hard for my money and I deserve every last drop. I know that seems mean but sometimes you have to be a little mean to people.

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