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Fall Record Show 2019

It was a good enough Summer and Fall for getting stuffs to resell. I'm loaded to the gills with junk to resell though so I don't think I'll go out for more inventory in 2020. Well at least not garage sales as the ability to get good stuff is pretty low and I'm already so well stocked up. I may do the rummage sales again though as I get lots of good stuff dirt cheap for pretty low effort with those. Sadly I've been so tired and weak lately. Also I've started a diet and hope to lose some 110+ pounds. Ugh! It's currently my goal to clean the house again and organize and get rid of crap I'll never use again, like old video games, records, etc.

Anyway, it was record show time again. Same old, same old. Less dealers, less good deals as it's the same overpriced ones again and again. I got there about two and a half hours late. I slept too long and I just don't really care about going to these things as much as I had ages ago. Seems I did miss out on a couple goodies by going late, but whatever, It's not like I really need more of these things anyway, it's mostly now for fun and to find new stuffs cheap to enjoy!

Found a handful of LPs and a lot of CDs. My dealer friend from Albany had a lot of foreign import CDs, mostly Latin types for 3/$1.00 as honestly no one will buy the stuff even for that price. LOL Well other than me that is! I knew some of the names! I bought 48 of them and ended up with about 10 REALLY good ones for myself. One CD was a very rare Spain New Wave one worth probably $90 (only one other up for sale anywhere) which I plan to flip and probably make all the money I spent today back. Anyway, onto what I got!


Ozark Mountain Daredevils - It'll Shine When It Shines. $2 I was mixing Ozric Tentacles with Black Oak Arkansas in my mind and this one was of their LPS. Whatever! I was really tired at the time and I just didn't care to figure out what was going on here. Luckily it's actually pretty good stuff! Recommended! Gets progressive every now and then, but that's typical for the early to mid 70s for a lot of bands.


Rap Reiplinger - Poi Dog. $2 I'll admit it, I bought this for the cover. I was hoping for punk, as it was the right era and looked like something one of the bands who's name I cannot recall (I want to say The Comsat Angels, but I know it's not them) would do but it turns out to be a comedy LP of a guy who liked to dress as women and do silly stuff. Seems it was a minor star in the late 70s/early 80s. Then he died very young and quickly forgotten. Good enough stuff and I had fun today listening to it.


Steppenwolf - Slow Flux $2 I do like Steppenwolf but for some reason I don't remember seeing this one before. I need to collect all my Step together as well as John Kay stuff and see which ones I'm missing.


Status Quo ‎– Rockin' All Over The World $2 Another band I've been meaning to explore more. Very good stuff as well! Never seen this LP before either.


Pets - Wet Behind The Ears $1 No clue what this is, but it was cheap and had a cute enough woman on the cover. 1978, so it's the right year where I'll listen to anything that looks like this as it's probably general radio rock from that era. Seems to be a zillion copies of it on eBay but no tracks on Youtube. So I don't think it was ever popular.


Carlis Munro - I Was Made For Love $1 I'm honest, I bought this for the cover as I have a lot of LPs hanging in my bathroom for decoration and I swap them out. This is pretty good though. Sounds like the Lime guy (Denis LePage) and sorta like Lime at times. Seems this guy only done one album, so I think it's probably the producers that made this and he was one of a zillion random persons hired by them to get albums out while the trend was strong. Seems that this happened a lot back then as some of my favs has dozens of releases under different band names like that.


Various ‎– New Music Seminar Sampler $1 Yeah, look at this list:


A1 - Translator - Everywhere That I'm Not 4:04

A2 - Leisure Process - The Sun Turns Black 3:13

A3 - Men At Work - Underground 3:02

A4 - Dave Edmunds - From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come) 3:30

A5 - Nina Hagen - Born In Xixax 2:55

B1 - Translator - Necessary Spinning 3:42

B2 - Red Rockers - Voice Of America 2:19

B3 - Romeo Void - Never Say Never 3:27

B4 - Nina Hagen - Smack Jack 5:15

B5 - James Blood Ulmer - Black Rock 3:22

C1 - Romeo Void - Wrap It Up 3:17

C2 - Nina Hagen - Cosma Shiva 3:17

C3 - Romeo Void - Chinatown 3:15

C4 - Dave Edmunds - Generation Rumble 3:36

C5 - Translator - When I Am With You 3:06

D1 - The Boomtown Rats - Charmed Lives 4:00

D2 - Time Bandits - Live It Up 7:27

D3 - Men At Work - Who Can It Be Now 3:21

D4 - Leisure Process - Love Cascade 6:21

D5 - Tommy Tutone - Which Man Are You 2:50

Lots of good stuff here. I probably have the tracks on the real albums of Translator, Men at Work, Nina Hagen, Boomtown Rats and Tommy Tutone. Anyway, it's a great sampler. Not worth much but just an amazing selection of random bands that I think were way more popular in the UK than here in the USA.


Paul Winter - Missa Gaia / Earth Mass $1 Paul Winter is hit or miss. He made dozens of new age or jazzy stuff and it's anyone's guess what you'll get. It all looks like crap by the covers though, but then again so does Tangerine Dream. No telling if you'll get snooze fests or interesting stuff. This one is really strange and pretty good. Very progressive, slightly better than the typical Tangerine Dream LP. Well, honestly I love church (mass) organ music and this mixes that with his new age water shooshes, bird chirps, trumpets blerting and so on. I think there is a lengthy book that one can buy as well, or whatever. Someday I'll look into this and see what's it all about as it seems to be some type of blown out pretentious affair. Honestly I bought this and the next one mostly because they were double LPs and had their booklets. Also I've never seen either one before. I do think I like it a lot as I love really strange music which most people find very unlistenable. Oddly enough, Progarchives doesn't mention this one anywhere but then again, they tend to be a bunch of stuck up asses who wouldn't listen to stuff like this because they know Paul Winter does a bunch of really bad New Age LPs which they've come across in the budget bins with Fresh Aire (also progressive).


Paul Winter - Callings $1 I swear I have this one on CD. That damned seal looks so familiar. I seem to recall this one being one of the terrible ones though with way too much whale music for my tastes. I bought it mostly for the large booklet as I swear I didn't have this in my CD version.


Gerard McMahon And Kid Lightning - Blue Rue $2 It was bought 5 for $10 at the booth and this was basically the last one to get 5. I tested one track on Youtube before buying and it sounds like good New Wave. Popular in the UK, never made it here. I'll give it a better listen later as well as his other stuffs. I'm pretty sure I'll like it as I tend to like UK hits a lot.


Sniff 'n' the Tears ‎– Fickle Heart $5 A picture disc! I didn't know they were popular enough to have one. LOL Progressive Rock, but I think they cross over to many genders. My normal LP of this is trashed and unplayable, so I cannot really recall much about this one. Just that the band was pretty good! A bargain at only $5.


Gloria Trevi - Como Nace El Universo 3 for $1 cds I bought. This one sounds like it is a concept album. Very unusual music structures and she shouts intensely over every song. Sounds like a Jim Steinman piece if he was able to make something more modern sounding. Sometimes catchy, sometimes really strange. I would love to know what she's singing about. I only know a few words. Seems her other stuff is good too but not very much like this one though.


Noelia - Golpeando Fuerte It's hard for me to say what's it like. It's from 2000 so it doesn't have that crappy sound which can be found in about 75% of the female stuff from after that period in time. It's much more happy, catchy and danceable. I'm guessing it's from the tail end of bubblegum pop era so sorta like that but not as cheesy. I really like it.


Kiara - Luna de Plata Sounds outdated for 1995, more like early 90s sound which some record labels kept pushing out but no one bought. A lot like Nathalie Archangel's Owl. It's probably a style of music made popular by someone who I've never listened to and no one else was able to cash in on it. I like it though.


Fey - Fey Another 1995 release which sounds outdated for that year. This one I like a lot more than the prior one because it's fast italio disco/synthpop dance music, almost early 90s anime like. I cannot really tell it's Mexican because it sounds like an anime soundtrack. Seems there was a controversy over this one as they promoted her as being 17, even though she was 21 at the time. Seems it was too cheesy and young for a 21 year old or something.


Anahi - Mi Delirio All the way up to 2009 now! Very interesting dance music. Has a bit of a retro modern disco sound, which is why I probably like it as it sounds like modern takes on old disco standards. One of them sounds like Cerrone's "Supernatural". Several others sounds like other songs I know. I don't hear many of the annoying stuff which I don't care about in modern musics here. Good stuff!


Paty Cantu - Afortunadamente No Eres Tu: Edicion Especial Moving up to 2011 now! Power pop grrrl power stuff. I forgot who she sounds like in English, but she does. LOL I want to say Natasha Bedingfield but it could be dozens of others that my friend made me listen to that he was really into at the time. All those names blur together now, but I do like some of them. And honestly her eyebrows here are just some killer stuff, it's mainly why I bought this one. I tend to like the stuff that sounds less typically latin sound and more lush modern pop sound without the crappy hip hop sound which is in nearly everything for the last 20 years.


Selena Gomez & the Scene - Kiss & Tell I had this one before, but it was smashed up and trashed, so I bought it again. I mostly love the artwork. I seem to remember liking some of her songs. Seems she's 27 now, but she looks like she's eternally teen on all her CDs.


Claudio Baglioni - E tu come stai? Going to 1978 now and to Italy! This seems to be a VERY popular album, but I'm not sure why. Has one good 7 minute song at the end but most of the rest is just below average as his singing is nearly terrible and wrecks it (I don't like crooners). He seems crazy popular in Italy with almost THIRTY top 10 albums spanning some 45 years. WOW!


And that seems to be it, aside from a pair of Natalie Cole CDs which I've yet to try out which I'm not sure if I'll like or not. I was mostly curious as one of them was with his father or something and I remember it was a huge deal that year for whatever reason. I have something like 40ish of those latin cds which I'm just going to lot up and sell for whatever on ebay. A couple of them are worth $$ so I'll try to sell them apart first. I got my $16 worth out of the ones which I like! $36 spent all together, which seems pretty good for my haul.

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