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Another Stupid Ebayer

Am I wrong here? Nah. She done me a heinous act, one that offends a seller so greatly that you're more likely to get banned than not. She's lucky I even talked to her back in order to get her to apologize for her actions. Most people who would email the buyer back after that point is only doing so because they are looking for a fight for screwing them over.

Anyway, my point is that you absolutely do not go around the eBay rules which makes you wait the entire stated arrival time (5 weeks for this item from Japan) as well being forced to communicate with a seller first before filing that claim. The little bitch waited 18 days and then filed a claim against me with Paypal!!! Sure you can do that but it's offensive as all hell and this will get you banned. Most of the time you can just email the seller about it and he will work things out with you. Obviously she wanted no part of that.

But to take things a deeper, it is a well known scam that people play to get free stuff and their money back. Luckily Paypal has a limit to how many times you can do this on an account, which is why it rarely happens to smaller amount items these days but it does happen from people who don't know the rules that well. I'm wondering what bug went up her ass to file a claim against me after 18 days like that. It's rarely happens to me, about once every 3 years. I know a lot of people try to file claims on me with ebay, but they tell them to wait longer and most of the time the item shows up in time. I refund only about once a month on average.

Either way if it wasn't a scam on her part, it sure in hell was offensive!!! It's something you simply do not do! I got not a single word from her about this before or after, so of course she'll be banned. It's common sense as no seller wants to do business again with such a jerk! I've had a person do this to me a few times in a row, so I got wise and block anyone who offers a hint of trouble, like bad feedback, claims, etc. Most sellers does this. Some blocks buyers if they don't like the pre-buying questions which they are asking (it indicates that they are too troublesome to sell to).

Anyway, she offered absolutely no defense for her actions and she continued to act like I am the one who's unprofessional. Unprofessional would be for me ignore her prior transgressions and to allow her to buy something from me again. I think most wouldn't even entertain the troll the second time around as I had done. They would simply ignore the person entirely. Honestly ignoring people does keeps the bull crap to a minimal but I'm trying to enlighten people and get them to see the error of their ways. Sadly it's a futile effort as decent people would never get into such bad situations with me. It seems that only the mentally ill, extremely immature or morally corrupt persons I get into arguments with and they simply cannot be rationalized with because they are always going to be evil or sick like that.

So yeah, it's one of the reasons why I'm writing about this it now. It is to give myself a reminder to never EVER entertain people like this again. It is not rude to ignore people's instigating emails. They are not worth your time and they will not feel bad that you are ignoring them. They just live and prey on being evil to other people and they'll forget about you in no time. Just delete the message and move on with your life. Try to make the good people you sell to happier.

Anywho, last month someone on the other account wrote something really offensive about a My Little Pony lot being too expensive and being full of McDonald's items. I didn't take the bate though but really if you felt like that, then please keep it to yourself. Don't insult the seller. That person got a ban from me as well even though I doubt our paths would ever cross again.

So...I guess it's unprofessional to write people back and correct them? OKAY, so from now on I'll just ignore people who tick me off. It's still bad but at least it doesn't waste hours of my time writing stuff like this.

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