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A Freshening Up On The Website

I finally got around to securing my website. Sometime last year Google or whoever made a fuss which basically forced all the websites to get SSLs for their website. I personally never bothered as no one ever comes here. The website is mostly for my contact in Japan to upload very large ZIP files to me easily and I keep a blog as why not?

Anyway I was randomly doing searches and a couple days ago I found out that I can get an SSL certificate free instead of paying something like $80 a year. It expires every 3 months but a little work to get it back and installed is worth it.

What happened is that my website went batty. Seems I was using old outdated skins that referenced to HTTP instead of HTTPS so I had to go find a newer one that didn't. Then my blog wouldn't show up correctly as I had to go into the settings and switch something from HTTP to HTTPS as well. It took hours to figure all that stuff out.

Then a friend of mine told me about Of course everything I've struggled with for ages is all there done so almost any idiot could do a website and make it look fresh and modern as well! I was messing around with outdated tech which my provider has on their equally outdated website. They too have a client that you can pay for to make websites, but it's like 15 years behind WIX.

So now I'm wondering if I should do WIX or what. I just rejoined my current provider for another year, so I probably won't do it until next year but I do love what I see. I just don't know if it's worth $11 dollars a month for something no one ever reads. So whatever. I'll keep two blogs going, but display the same content until I have to make a decision next year at this time.

Anyway, a big to do for me recently was for Black Friday I bought a home security system. Basically 3 NEST cameras. Indoor, outdoor and doorbell. I've been meaning to get them for ages but they are so pricey. Well I could get cheap ones but I've learned with my iPhone that sometimes you need to pay more to avoid getting dodgy crap that keeps breaking.

So far I'm liking the cameras. They pick up animals mostly, the traffic that goes by and the train sounding it's whistle. I basically turn off the alerts to avoid that and I get to see when the delivery men deliver packages. It does sound off whenever I go by, so I know it'll sound off whenever some other human comes around, but it could be weeks to months before I get a visitor to the house. Mostly I got them as I have a lot of inventory around here and it should be guarded somewhat.

I had already decided to get them but a few days before I bought them, there was two shots either two or three houses away from me. A domestic violence. Not sure what happened exactly, but there was lots of yelling, I think it was probably two men and a woman cheating. I heard her say something about "come on you two are friends".

Anyway, I was sleeping when I heard the first shot and it scared me and the cats. I stayed in bed as I was dead tired but I also knew to not go wandering around in a panic in case the shooter was on the loose ready to shoot more. It was a strange sound, I've never heard a real shot that close before. Then there was a second shot about 5 minutes later but it sounded more faint. About 15 minutes after that I went down to pack inventory which sold and there was lots and lots of yelling. It went on for about two and a half hours. The cops came and went and I think an ambulance came and took the shooter away but the guy and woman kept yelling until 1:30 in the morning. About 3 to 4 hours of yelling.

So that really convinced me to get the system. The night I was installing the doorbell (which was a hassle because I had it in place and found out that I had to order a doorbell transformer to replace the underpowered one), there was more yelling and cops to the same house. An hour later, a cop was flashlighting a house across the street for a false welfare check or something. Looking for an old lady but there is a young couple that lives there.

Basically a lot of crap going on and of course it's been dead silent since I got the doorbell working, which honestly I really didn't expect to work as that's how my luck runs. I mean that night I kept going up and down the basement turning off the power one by one to see which one turns off the doorbell. Of course I tested 75% of them until I found the right one. Then I had to rush out to Walmart at 2 AM to get a clip on light for my hat to see what I was doing in the basement. I couldn't find my drill, so I bought one at Walmart. Turns out that the drill was a broken return. The chuck was firmly tight and couldn't be opened. Luckily I used my dremmil to make holes for the screws but really I should have had a drill. I seem to remember that's what's wrong with the drill I had which I couldn't find. I bought a used one from a garage sale and the chuck wouldn't open either. That ticked me off and I returned it the next day. That's something I hate, the returns people at Walmart are always so rotten and it feels like I'm a crook for returning stuff. I know I'm too sensitive but when I served people as a store clerk, I was always upbead and positive. But you don't get that sort of treatment these days from anyone, stores just don't care if employees are positive and happy.

I'm just rattling on again as always. But yeah, I barely said anything this year as there wasn't anything really to say. I've been keeping quiet and resting a lot. I'm quite dull, but honestly I prefer that. An exciting life just doesn't suit me at all. LOL!

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