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A Bad Feedback

WOW I just noticed this one.

Bad feedbacks happen to everyone and I welcome them when they are legit. These days eBay really struggles hard to get people to communicate with their sellers before leaving a bad rating, so you have to be a really bad seller to get them. I have great feedback because I do work out my issues. But every so often you get jerks. This person never contacted with any troubles. And one look at this guy you can see that he is absolutely nuts.

I'm kicking myself because bad feedback usually happens with CHEAP items that wasn't even worth selling. This DVD I should have put in a lot and just sell it off, but I thought I could get a quick $5 from it. I don't recall it being scratched, but then again I've had people complain about "scratches" and "not working" for a very minor scratch and them lying though their teeth about it because they want gem mint stuff. I've had a few times with people lying over video games like that. I think my current neutral was about that as well. But here is the kicker. There is a refund policy that can be used but these people who complain never cash in on it! This guy never asked for a refund which makes it all super suspicious that it doesn't work. I mean who wants to keep a defective DVD? Whatever!

Nope, I'm pretty sure that he was out for blood for whatever reason. He left a neg ASAP when the 7 days was up. Power sellers gets the privilege of a cool down period where buyers are expected to contact you to clear up any wrong things with the transaction. He obviously didn't want to do that and he wanted to ruin my 100% feedback. Some people love to wreck feedback like that and he seemed to do that to a lot of people. Several others didn't have a neg either until he came around.

Little does he know that generally buyers do not like to see 100% feedback. That's true! It raises suspicion. Some trusts it better when it's not perfect like that and they wish to see a few examples of what went wrong and how it was handled. Either way, I left a comment saying to check his feedback, that he leaves tons of negs. Really anyone with a brain should be able to see that I was probably the right one in that situation and the guy is really batty.

Really now, this guy for the most part won't leave anyone a positive, but he'll leave negs no problem at all. It's rare but I've seen this from time to time, usually one a year bites me. I believe his neg left rate is about 10% to the items he buys. He bought about 220 items, left about 21 negs to 13 positives. Those are very bad stats and raises a red flag. I've heard rumors that eBay warns you at 3%, bans at it's a wonder how this guy got though with such high numbers. I know it's all done by stats and number crunching and no one really checks these things out until you hit a magic percent. Eventually you get red flagged and some mysterious action is taken against you, but no one really knows what triggers when. Either way his account is super bad and I'm pretty sure he won't stop with me, so something will happen to the guy sooner or later.

So I done the only thing I could do. I called ebay up. The guy was surprised by his account as well as generally they don't get THAT bad. So he done the only thing he could and escalated it to some department that works these things. I'm sure it'll get ignored but whatever. They'll probably just warn the guy. He may have already been warned which could get it removed but who knows. I've seen another account where the person had her ability to leave negs removed but all the prior ones stood. What happened is that she kept on buying loads of junk but didn't leave anyone any feedback.

Oh well, just another day with ebay. I'm glad negs doesn't count against your seller defect rating these days. Even if it does, it was only one. Big sellers like myself tends to get several dozen, so one is like a mosquito bite if anything. LOL!

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