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Record Show Once Again!

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Another CD/Record show. Same dealers but this time they had a few surprises, cheap LPs which I found several that I was interested in!

First dealer had a bunch of $1 records that didn't suck. Most I had, but I got 15 for $10 which rocked. I wasn't fussy, so I probably picked up a few duds, but whatever.

Head East - "US 1" - I love Head East, but I don't know this LP. It's a 1980 and I think the stuff I know is from a few years prior. But I was super happy to find it!

Steppenwolf - "Rest in Peace" - I think I have this one but in trashed condition. It's an upgrade.

The Ventures - "Walk, Don't Run Vol 2" - I really love the The Ventures. They made probably 60 albums by now and it's my goal to get each one of them!

Hickory Wind - "Fresh Produce" and "Crossing Devil's Bridge" - No clue who they are, I took them to get 15 for the $10 offer as there was like 9 I super wanted it would be a waste not to get in on that offer. Trying some on Youtube right now and they sound like banjos and folk. Sorta Mike Oldfield in parts. I'm sure I'll like it!

Horslips - "Short Stories/Tall Tales" - Oops! I'm pretty sure I have this one. I know I like it. It could be in better condition than copy though.

Natural Scientist - "Anaesthetic of Love" - I dunno what this is. Seems good on Youtube. 1984 sound. New Wave/Alt Rock. I don't think they got any radio play here or anywhere as I would have heard of them as their sound is pretty good!

Leon Russell - "Stop All That Jazz" and "Looking Back" - His stuff is hit or miss, but I like enough of it to collect it.

Walter Carlos - "By Request" - Another one that I'm sure I have but in a bad condition. I think the prior one was a water damaged LP and it had one song on it that I really love (Pompous Curcumstances).

Teena Marie - "Starchild" - I couldn't remember if I have this or a single as they both have a similiar cover. It's worth a dollar as I remember the Lovergirl song back in the day.

Cliff Richard - "Green Light" - Another one I took just to make 15 but I couldn't remember why I knew the name. Now I remember why I vaguely remember his name, he's in a bunch of really bad legal trouble in the UK and I had read about it a month or so ago. Oh well! And he made a zillion LPs too but he never hit it big here in the USA. Listening to it on Youtube and it seems like a good pick! Late 70s AOR sound. I don't mind it but some of it is a little too bland but this one seems better than the average.

Gordon Bok - "Ensemble" and "Bay of Fundy" - More I just took because I had to fill out 15. Seems like stright out folk with just a guitar. Not my style but I'll try them completely to see if there are anything I'd like. I may end up donating them if there isn't anything to my tastes here.

Outlaws - "Ghost Riders" - I've seen Outlaw LPs all the time and I've totally ignored them because I thought they were twangy country rock. I love Ghost Riders though from the Blues Brothers film so I thought I'd give it a try. Testing it on youtube now and it's REALLY good. O_O; Like amazingly good. I'm wondering why I've never hear them on the radio. Probably because they are too Southren rock for the classic rock stations here. Strange as this LP is more Boston than Eagles. I'll certainly try out more Outlaw albums in the future! It could be a one off LP to try a new sound as prior LPs were tanking.


Next seller I bought two $1.00 CDS

Pizzicato Five - "Happy End of the World" - P5 is awwwwesome! But so RARE to find on CD here. And expensive when you do find them.

The Communards - "Heaven" - Gay synthpop/dance! YESH! It's a compilation CD, but more than half of the songs are not on their two albums so it's all new to me! I'm guessing lots of singles or B-sides here.


Then I got to my Albany seller friend. He had a lot of the same stuff as last time, but I did get six 1 dollar items. 3 CDs and 3 DVDs.

Jump5 - "Accekerate" - I was playing this in the car on the way home and it's better than I had hoped! I knew of the band because of some tween Disney Channel sampler CD or something and their song "Do Ya" was the only one that stood out from that crappy lot. It was unbelivebly cheesy but awesomely good. Seems the CD is really sharp and well worth a listen! It's a CD I wanted for a few years now but I don't think it really sold that well as I would have found it a zillion times over like almost any other Disney Channel type pop CD from 15 years ago.

Queer as Folk - "The Whole Queer Love Thing. Sorted." - I'm not too sure about this. I know I love the UK QaF songs, but I think this is the USA QaF edition which is all different. It's a 2 CD set with mostly USA bands. Some I knew and they had different remixes on them that I know of (like Blondie and Abbacadabra) so I gave it a shot. Worth $1 for the two remixes of songs I know well and the rest is a bonus!

Chumbawamba - "Top of the World, Ole, Ole, Ole" - I LOVE Chumbawamba. This is an import remix single. I do know Ole Ole Ole really well (one of my fav songs that is unknown here in the USA) but how will Chumbawamba mess around with that song and make it their brand of scathing nastiness. It'll be a treat to find out!

Bad Teacher DVD - Mom had this on TV once and I was forced to sit though it. It was actually pretty interesting and then of course she turned it on me. LOL I cannot remember if I bought this already and forgot. Either way I'll be watching it really soon.

Adventure Time - Princess Day DVD - It's Adventure Time. Good stuff! Wish they label these by season as I have no clue if it's a random DVD or from some season.

End of Days/Virus - For some reason I had Virus in my Amazon wish list for years and I forgot why. Oh well! I'll remember after watching it! End of Days seems interesting.

---------- Next seller is from the owner of the record show. I detest him, he's an ass. Anyway he had a lot of $2 or 12-for-$20 LPs which on the boxes said first time shown (yeah right). The trouble is that he is extremely good at finding any LP with any possible value and marking them up high so his budget bins are going to be really obscure stuff that no one would ever want. And sure enough they were. I spent about an hour there pulling out LPs and examining them on my phone to see if they were worth getting or not. If they were $1 each, I probably would have picked up at least 50 of them but at his prices I was going to be picky. He had good ones indeed for the obscure collector like myself but I don't like paying $2 each blindly for what could be crap.

Jay Ferguson - "Real Life Ain't This Way" and "All Alone in the End Zone" - This was the reason why I went though all the LPs. I accidently discovered him about a year ago and I love his stuff! Of course there are no CDs to buy and almost no MP3s to download.

Kenny Young - "Last Stage of Silver World" - A concept LP. It was prog-like from what I sampled before buying it. Starts off really strong! Seems it's a Sci-fi rock LP. Cannot wait to give it a good listen!

Shawn Phillips - "Furthermore" - I have lots of Shawns LPs, but not this one. Another hit or miss artist. I'm wondering why it was in the discount bin. It was marked $8 and was crossed off. Odd! Whatever, it's mine now!

Iron City Houserockers - "Have a Good Time But... GET OUT ALIVE!" Good rock! Looks like Steven Van Zandt and Mick Ronson worked on this LP as well as Ian Hunter for a song, so they probably made the LP way better than the band actually was.

Michael Sambello - "Bossa Nova Hotel" - Another LP that is hard to find (cheap). Best known for Flashdance and I think more people bought that LP than this one. I've been trying to find this for a while. Infamously gay cover, which probably kept a lot of people from buying it.

Frankie Eldorado - "S/T" - The cover looks really strange. There was no telling what I'll get. It was sort of like the Lime Italio Disco stuff but turns out it's progressive guitars! Well one of the songs was which is what made me get it without hearing the rest. Another song found online is really good too, very New Wave but progressive as well. This is going to be an interesting LP to try out I think. Seems it's really "Frankie D'Augusta" who produced Aka The Max Demian Band which has a similar sound too. HMM! I'll have to research this later! Obscure 70s stuff with a nice sound!

Bruce Cockburn - "Inner City Front" - I'll end up getting all bajillion of his albums someday! This is his 11th. I think it's my 5th or 6 Cockburn LP. I think he's a Canadian guy with no strong hits in the USA, which makes him a little hard to get here.

Anthony Phillips - "Private Parts and Pieces" - Amazingly, I found his 7th PP&P album on CD a few days ago. This is not one you typically find in any cheapy bin. I think he must have had a brain fart as it's a $10 LP or more easily. I think I have 4 or 5 of the PP&Ps now out of 11 or so.

Arthur Hurley & Gottlieb - "S/T" - At this point I had to pick anything to fill out 12 for $20. This one had one good song which stood above many of the other LPs I was considering. Happy 70s pop with violins. Interesting!

The Yankees - "High N Inside" - I wonder if they got away with this, making themself so obviously similar to the baseball team? Again, one good song that stood higher than the other LPs. Reminded me of the The Stray Cats. Hoping the rest is good!

Monte Video - "S/T" - Seems it's a novelity one hit wonder band that I some how missed. I guess it's not as popular as others from that period. But it seems that "Shoop Shoop Diddy Wop Cumma Cumma Wang Dang" was rather popular. So it was worth getting!


Then I went and got two more LPs from a seller.

Jo Jo Gunne - "Bite Down Hard" - More Jay Ferguson! From his prior band. Nice for $2!

Randy Vanwarmer - "Beat of Love" - More good New Wave. $1


And got my final LP for $3

Metropolis featuring the Sweethearts - "The Greatest Show on Earth" - Has that Canadian Italio disco sound (Lime) that I love! Seems to be a one off LP with almost no connections with any other group other than Thor Baldursson who worked with Giorgio Moroder.


Overall a pretty good day! Let's hope this garage sale year will be a good year for getting LPs!


Overall a pretty good day! Let's hope this garage sale year will be a good year for getting LPs!

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